You want some catchy opener for this? Too bad. I don't feel like it. Just take my word that these links should work. If they don't figure out how to contact somebody here and tell them. That shouldn't be too hard. Or is it?

Alright, go do something.

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Just like Celebrity DeathMatch, only different.

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Muggers Place

I really have no idea why, but it does grow on you like a yeast infection.

Moose's HomePage

Here's to a man with enough dignity for us all.

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Assholes Anonymous

Sometimes you want to go to the place where everyone knows your game.

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Bambi Killers

No matter what I say in support of this site it won't keep me from sounding insensitive, so why try?

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Outermost Movie Reviews

If you think of a witty phrase for this site let me know.

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My Home On The Web

He’s a canadian, and for once we won’t hold it against him.

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It's the town that pleasantness forgot.

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Who said that all nerds are geeks?
Oh yeah, I did.

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Cloud Nine

Yet another original just like everybody, while your at it watch the Spice Girls die, signs of the armageddon site.

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Customers Suck

The customer is never right, damnit!  What did I just say?   Aargh! Aargh! Aargh!

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Who Would You Kill?

Ever play Clue?  Well, this is nothing like it.

What? You want more?