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Utterly Useless Productions

If anything, the page looks real cool.

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Satyr's Homepage

Things are meant to be said, so he says them.

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The YeastRealm

He hates GeoFuckers.

The Best of the Blues & Beyond...

The name speaks for itself.

Centre for the Easily Amused
You got a problem with that?


Mr. Cynical's Really
Wild Stuff Emporium

Leave a note for Ape-Girl

Rothy's Home Page O' Farts

Everything about this page is funky.

This zine brings
tears to my eyes.

Your one stop shop
to bitch about work

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Mikey's aol shack
Mickey is 15
and it sux.

Men? Can you stand them?

She discovered a secret: Men are pigs.

The Mighty Kymm's

Another "blow" for feminism

Are you still craving?