Rule #1: The Dancing Finger O' Sarcasm Award
is a joke, it's sarcasm. If you don't get it,
then you aren't eligible for the award.

Rule #2: It can't be this page.

Rule #3: It has to be given it to you. Or, you have to
ask for it and it has to be given it to you.

Rule #4: We have to like it. See rule #69.

Rule #5: The site has to be updated every once in a while.
I hate when I go back to a site three months later and I see
exactly the same thing. I do check. See rule #7.

Rule #6: Web sites expressing serious religious beliefs, a lack
of any sense of humor, social intolerance, racial bigotry, blatant
pornography, REALLY offensive (in our judgment), and an extreme
lack of originality (or creativity) are ineligible.

Rule #7: Since we can give out the award, we can take it back. Sort of.
Since you win it, you always have it, but one should at least acknowledge
winning the damn thing. In other words, if you don’t acknowledge us,
we will probably return the favor. After all, we have to look at that crap you
call a website. Our predecessor didn’t go through all of that trouble just to
have his (really, really) hard work brushed aside as if it were some
run of the mill website award. Just take the damn thing and put it on your
site. Plain and simple. THAT can’t kill you.

Loophole: If you sign the guestbook to this site, you automatically
get it. It doesn't matter how much we hate your site. That is unless you are
in violation of rule #6. Plain and simple, right?

Are you up to it? Click here or just write to here.

(note: members of SDM ineligible, but their families aren't) 

Pretty Simple. Or is it?
These rules compiled by Brett Z & Pete (Dwain).